i-99 Cesare Cantagalli Windsurf Masts Collection

The evolution of Brand expanding from boards collection to Sails and related rig components such as Masts and Booms, makes me feel very confident as my technical background experience comes from several years of sails and mast designing together with boards developments.

When it came to choose the Mast manufacturer I had no doubts about my choice.

For over 6 years I worked in Reglass factory and contributed to their first ever 100% Prepreg-carbon Technology developments and expansion to the market.

It is a personal honor to proudly mark my masts with a “Made in Italy” label, as well as being given the privilege to closely develop and produce my personal Branded mast at Reglass which I consider family and a true excellence of quality and technology to stand above any level available today in our industry.

Constant curve, compatible almost on all modern sails which mainly use this type of curve.

However, remember that the curve is not the only one of the indicative parameters and in many cases not even the most important factor to make the sail work at its best.

I worked together with the Reglass team to create different carbon layups combined with different types of resins used on each specific application and on the mast profile to obtain more Reflex.

The Reflex translates into a quicker return response to the mast flex when bent by the sail while sailing. In fact, the function of the mast is not only giving the profile design to the sail, but also keeping it on the gusts when adapting to the sail dynamics when stressed by the wind to its original shape as quickly as possible and generate control and maximum sail profile efficiency and stability.

A quick Reflex is essential to give maximum stability to the profile for greater comfort and maximum efficiency of the sail surface as well as guarantee the best reaction timing in wave sailing.

The construction of a carbon mast is very long and complex and the difference between the models of different sail lines is not only the type and amount of fibers, which is only the starting point, but also the preparing method of the process by which the prepreg high modulus carbon produced in Reglass is distributed on the mandrel (mold) and treated in the following phases of the construction.

It is a cooking process in an Autoclave which lasts over 8 hours where the variables that influence the product are infinite and vary between the chemistry of the applied resins combined with the type of carbon thread impregnated with it. What happens over this long period of time is what makes the masts made of the same materials completely different and a Made-in-Reglass mast superior to others.

This mast is a guarantee that is the result of a consolidated and gained experience from the technology that Reglass has proven over the years and which I can proudly define as the first mast specially designed for wave sailing, thanks to a hard work of development and research that has seen me personally at the forefront together with the engineers of the Regalss team back in the years.

Its our top of the range RDM production and certainly one of the best performing masts on the market. It has an explosive response that makes it suitable for any wave conditions where acceleration is a determining factor in getting out of the white waters wipe-outs. It is with no doubt a suitable mast for more experienced riders able to take full advantage of its characteristics. Like all products with superior performances its very light but also very reliable.

Like all the other masts of the Cesare Cantagalli I-99 line, it is a constant curve mast that in addition to the Cesare Cantagalli I-99 sails range also adapts very well to most of the sails on the market enhancing their performance.


It is an excellent compromise between lightness, performance and price.

The few grams that distinguish it from its big brother, CSR-100 RDM are very few and certainly not fundamental. A small percentage of fiberglass makes it, on the other hand, heavy duty and suitable for high stress and washing machines in the waves more effectively.

It is definitely superior mast to any other in its category, a REAL 80%, not just declared.

I recommend it to experienced surfers as it is essential for safe world travels.

Like all the other masts of the Cesare Cantagalli I-99 line, it is a constant curve mast that in addition to the Cesare Cantagalli I-99 sails range also adapts very well to most of the sails on the market enhancing their performance.


2 sizes with different carbon variants and designed for the latest generation FreeRide and FreeRace sails with or without camber such as Grand Tour 6 and Grand Tour 7. Also suitable for top end Slalom and Foil sails.

Its genesis depended on the need to conceive a mast, by its very nature and very performing, able to withstand high bending and torsion loads very generated by the upper sail surfaces, as well as being light and adapting to the profile of the sail.

  • Curve: Constant
  • Material: T800 Toray High Module, pre-preg made in Reglass, Shark skin structural reinforces in the boom area.
  • Connector: glued inn for a optimized structural smooth curve