Cesare Cantagalli i-99

WHY i-99

In the early days of my professional career, back in the 80’s, I needed to decide which sail number to allocate on my sails as an individual trademark and I really liked the idea not to rank myself first or last. I’ve always liked the nr. 9 because of its’ look and wording.

So thus came I-99, representing Italy…and the rest is printed in the windsurfing history books. That’s why I named the company ‘Cesare Cantagalli i-99’.

This project was started because initially I grew up passionately around watersports and board sports. My personality dictates that I am fully focused on new trends, new styles of artwork, which are both combined to create well performing, niche products. To be honest, I always wanted to stand out and set a new level translated by my true expression and connection with watersports, which have heavily influenced my life and career.

I am feeling the raw energy and growth since the day we started in 2008 with just a few custom boards produced at our small factory in Italy. At that time we had enough satisfaction to give our clients a chance to explore their curiosity, touch something special with their hands, and simply feel a better board under their feet.

Cesare Cantagalli


Established in 2008 with over 30 years of experience on the shoulders, today Cesare Cantagalli i-99 is a symbol of a “quality and performance board company”.

Cesare Cantagalli i-99 is a connection of people and history with a clear and strong aim focused on a promising future thanks to the hard work of a great team of characters, who have dedicated their energy and their passions to this mission.
A blend of artists, technicians, riders and professionals who are giving 100% every day to contribute only their best to our project.

Cesare’s technical background and designing experience whilst being directly involved in the graphics and product developments, is supported by excellent shapes and a team of professional riders. All working closely together in a unified manner, thus allowing any level of pilot in any and all conditions “to be in the driver’s seat”.


The Cesare Cantagalli i-99 board collection is ranging from classical shapes to forward thinking innovative explorations to set new standards for what is possible. We ensure that Cesare Cantagalli i-99 boards will always keep their crisp, direct feel and brand identity combined with our unique and remarkable Italian look and style.