i-99 Cesare Cantagalli Windsurf - Freeride Sails Collection

this Easy trimming FREE-Cam sails will take you to a big smile at any level.

Progressive Scale Up Concept

Also here, I applied the evolution of size/batten ratio where the bigger sizes progressively increase the number of battens as to preserve the ideal power and profile stability.

This sail is the excellence for the all-round free riders who enjoy cruising and having fun sailing with the ambition to improve their level day by day, session after session without putting too much efforts.

Super-Easy, light and very steady… Just hook in and smile!

GRANDTOUR 65.84344301816
GRANDTOUR 66.34484301876
GRANDTOUR 67.04624301946

This larger Free-Cam sizes models will take you further in lighter winds with the ambition to challenge your friends on their Cam-sails and feel the experience of that blasting high-speed feeling in your hands with the privilege of lighter-feel sail in total control stability and that unique maneuverability freedom that only a free-cam sail can give you.

GRANDTOUR 77.44854602057
GRANDTOUR 77.9496460/4902157
GRANDTOUR 78.45104902197