With the Squadra Corse X91, presented in 2021, we trully set a new design trend today followed by most brands

For this season 2023, with the new AM·PRO X82 foil slalom, we furthermore achieved outstanding performance standards.

The foil slalom discipline has definitely and quickly evolved and speeds have dramatically increased.

Our R&D Team has focused on optimizing and improving every little detail, starting from the revolutionary keel already seen on the X91, up to the new deck concaves.

Lake Garda was indeed the ideal testing play-ground for the AM·PRO X82 as well, offering its variety of conditions and the affluence of the greatest Tour Pros with whom we were able to compare ourselves on a daily basis.

The AM·PRO X82 foil slalom is proposed as the lethal weapon in medium/light to medium/strong wind conditions: its aerodynamic characteristics (our trade-mark) guarantee a flight with maximum stability even at top speeds.

ModelVolumeLength / WidthWeight +\-6%Box TypeSail Range
AM·PRO FOIL SL X82163210x82TBADeeptuttle Foilbox4.5/9.0


What you see > is what you get!

Thanks to the in-depth research and selection of high modulus carbon fibres at the forefront of the composite sector, we focused on a “Clear Vision” deck lamination, in full transparency, showing the distribution of the various carbon fabrics designed to work mechanically on each area with related stress and flex properties.

Nothing has been left to chance: the area of greatest stress around mastboxes, finboxes and footstraps’ inserts – are reinforced with the same reinforcements that have characterized the quality of our slalom boards during the last seasons.





Advanced Carbon Fibers

To obtain maximum accuracy and to guarantee consummate performance for the AM·PRO Series, we opted for the Semi-Custom Technology Construction.

A full deck lay-up built in single layer 98gr. Spread Tow High Module Carbon combined to a Silver Carbon Stringer: This is a uniquely adaptable, safe and ultra-light supportive solution that lasts. Thanks to its structural features it has the function of a “back-bone” as well as giving an unique aesthetic inspired by racing cars.

A specifc Ultra Carbon Net with high elastic-module capacity is applied in areas of greater stress from tail up to the front pads in order to provide flex to prevent structural failure caused by excessive strains or shocks.

Reinforcements on rails, nose and tail of the boards are in full Biax Carbon, specially chosen to guarantee the correct mechanics in terms of twist and flex, ensuring high impact resistance.

3D View