After a long testing period, the I-99 freestyle team confirmed that the 2019 boards were simply amazing, with just a small revision to the tail shape they agreed an improvement for the 2020 Style Pro model to make it unbeatable! And here it is.

The new tail design has immediately shown great advantages in overall power-control and landings.

The new Style Pro is a pure competition freestyle board with enormous potential in terms of early planing and acceleration. This is combined with an impressive top speed providing huge pop and power trick capability.

With its renewed design-look, the 2020 Style Pro represents the best board available for the ultimate freestyle PWA riders and for those who like to improve and learn freestyle moves with a reactive freestyle machine to enjoy long, daily, sailing sessions!


• Hull : The hull, at oriented rockerline in the tail section offers immediate acceleration and glide with an unbelievable top speed.

• Outline : The outlines are the same as 2019 models until one foot off: the tail has been re-shaped to allow an even better control landing from power aerial moves.
The control with stronger wind has become “absolute” but maintaining the same characteristics of early planing and fast reactions of previous V4.

• Construction: A PVC double sandwich, with double thickness in the most stressed areas combined with a full carbon/
Innegra deck layup giving the boards the best compromise in terms of light weight, strength and durability.

  • High-precision CAD/CAM CNC shape14kg./m3 EPS core.
  • Full PVC performance sandwich construction (3mm deck / 3mm bottom).
  • Double PVC sandwich in the most stressed areas for excellent compression strength.
  • Full carbon/innegra deck + T700 carbon biax step area layup for maximum durability and strength, especially from landing hard jumps.
  • Full 160 S-glass bottom layup for the correct flex during hard turns and hard landings.
  • Dual density footpads with shock absorbers.
  • New MFC GE Powerbox fin.
ModelLength / WidthWeight +/- 6%Fin TypeBox TypeFinsSail Range
STYLE PRO V5 92216x626.8 kgSinglefinPowerboxMFC GE - 184.0/5.7
STYLE PRO V5 101221x646.9 kgSinglefinPowerboxMFC GE - 204.2/6.0