'I am honored to announce that we are part of the White Board Project that truly reflect my history and where it all begun'
Cesare Cantagalli

We will bring the One Design logic with a wider free sailing approach and again the triangle racing amateur community, all at the same level of gear.

We want to create a community of fans and new addicted riders through Clubs and Schools, who will enjoy windsurfing at all levels even when the winds are very light.

A vintage flash-back will also allow us to motivate the current aged windsurfers who will be very happy to go back to old-day’s emotions and be out there in any cruising mode.


Technical Features

  • The one single size mould design, slightly revisited in shape and the Composite One Shot Technology allow the board to reduce weight significantly with improved effect on overall performances.
  • The dagger board with up-wind ability is a key factor here as to diversify and spread the targets of windsurfing approach from beginners to any level of cruising.
  • The Windsurfer LT. by I-99 Cesare Cantagalli will be available in the classic mode including the Windsurfer Class rule-sized registered dagger to compete on Windsurfer Class events or the option of a smaller dagger and deck-cover plate as to provide the convertible option for SUP cruising.
  • The optional rig components are completed by the original Windsurfer 5.7 m2 Mylar sail with a modern 40% carbon SDM mast and a vario aluminium boom.
ModelVolumeLength / WidthWeight +\-6%Fin Box TypeRec. Sail
Windsurfer LT by I-99229365,9x73,915 kgPowerbox5.7
  • Styrofoam type core.
  • Full epoxy deck