The i99 Surf Leash with improved durability COMFORT AND PERFORMANCE CAPACITY.

A highly sophisticated modern leash with a focus on strength and comfort. Innovative like no other with the Connector 360 heavy duty ends of the line so strong and loose, to make you forget that you are wearing a leash on your feet!

This Surf Leash is designed for surfing waves up to one meter above your head and its 6.5mm (1/4-inch) Cord has been optimized to reduce air resistance without affecting the leash’s power. The flat ankle cuff adapts to the shape of the foot ankle on and thus gives you an extremely comfortable fit.

10’x8mm | 9’x7mm | 8’x7mm | 7’x5.5mm


The i99 Coiled Leash is designed for racing and flat water. With a soft neoprene, it wraps around the ankle to secure the board to the foot.
It is flexible, adjustable in length and is suitable for any board size.

With the i99 Coiled Leash, your board won’t drift after a fall and will stay firmly with you securing your board.


Product details:

Rolled up
2 stainless steel swivels
Neoprene cuff with quick release Cuff up to 5 inches in diameter
Secure your board at the ankle Flexible material
Adjustable length
Suitable for any board size

9’x7mm | 8’x7mm