The new Performa breaks through freeride performance barriers to reveal a range of boards that are super easy, plane exceptionally early, gybe effortlessly and have excellent stability once planing.

It’s the real freerider’s dream!

• Bottom shape : Where the nose starts with no vee to sit the board square in the water maximising the planing surface at low speeds, which quickly transforms into a significant vee planform with a double concave under the mast track area. This helps hydrodynamically to channel the water towards the tail of the board before planing and Aerodynamically channels the air from the board after planing.
Towards the tail the double concave changes into a vee shape between the feet, which we found increases the manouvrability.

• ‘Tuck’ rail design concept: The more tuck we tested, the better the boards performed, in particular with incredibly easy gybing and overall comfort especially in choppy conditions. The Performa range incorporates almost as much bottom rail tuck as the 5-axis machine can comfortably shape. Whilst the top rail shape is a gentle sloping dome that is very comfortable to step anywhere on the upper deck, whether during planing or non-planing conditions.

• ‘Foil Proof’ fin box (on all models): Our exclusive layup foil Tuttle box is as strong as it gets whilst still being lightweight.

• Construction: A PVC double sandwich, with double thickness in the most stressed areas combined with Carbon reinforcements on the tail area, giving the boards the best result in terms of flex, light weight, strength and durability. Glass bottom with Carbon reinforcements on the tail area.

• CAD-CAM designed
• 100 kg/m3 PVC full bottom and 80 kg/m3 deck sandwich for maximum durability and compression strength resistance.
• Double PVC sandwich under the heels and gybe area for sustained durability and strength.
• Additional high-strength reinforcements in all foot heel and high load areas (mast track, fin box, footstrap inserts).
• Ding resistant glass 160 gr bottom layup.
• Carbon reinforcements on the tail area.

ModelLength / WidthWeight +/- 6%Fin TypeBox TypeFins Rec. Not incl.Sail Range
PERFORMA 125236x80TBAsinglefinDeepTuttle FOIL Box45 cm6.0/9.0
PERFORMA 145236x84TBAsinglefinDeepTuttle FOIL Box47 cm6.5/10.0