i-99 Cesare Cantagalli Windsurf - Freestyle & Foil Sails Collection

The ARIA-4 is the 100% pure freestyle-style powerful and super stable sail naturally ideal for both pure freestyle Fin-Windsurfing and even more appreciated for Foiling.

Its very light overall body weight and the impressive acceleration combined to with the high clew design, optimize your freestyle moves and air pops.

ARIA 4 4.43953701504
ARIA 4 5.04224001584
ARIA 4 5.64424301664

The ARIA-5 is fully dedicated to Foiling with a wide range,  from cruising to free-racing and speed foiling.

Easy trimming and full control with its low-end power along the board, generating  max efficiency and top lift for take-off and stability during flight.

ARIA 55.84404301805
ARIA 56.34544301855