The C3 represents a further improvement to the Style Pro Wave being a performance Freestyle Wave which confirmed to be the envy of the market: International Magazine board tests, customers and team riders have been astonished by the boards overall performance! Smooth outlines and bottom curves, exquisitely shaped rails, fast rocker lines and functional tail designs have confirmed to be features that headline our Style Pro Wave models for the past seasons.


• New tail design: The new tail with a double winger, is making the C3 even more reactive in top turns offering the perfect volume distribution.

• ‘Curved Swallow Design’ : Testing revealed that a wide tail at the back foot combined with a quickly narrowing outline towards our uniquely designed swallow tail released excess pressure and greatly increased the manoeuvrability and wind range of the C3 Freestyle Wave collection.

• Fast rocker lines: We kept the same World Cup Slalom rocker 1-1 up until 200cm. from the tail blending into additional kick to the nose to handle the waves and chop. All the boards are super fast and easy, but still remarkably manoeuvrable!

• Balanced rail curves: C3 unique rail design guarantees the grip and power to handle the basics but still turns great in small waves with control in the  chop.

• Detailed volume distribution:  ‘Modern’ generation Freestyle Wave boards generally have more volume under the back foot to help planing. In addition,  the use of Powerbox fins on bigger sizes (104 and 113) will increase wind range

• Construction: Custom Made straight from our factory in Italy.

  • High-precision CAD/CAM CNC shape
  • Full PVC double sandwic h construction (3mm deck /5mm bottom). 15kg./m3 EPS core.
  • Double PVC sandwich in the most stressed areas for excellent compression strength.
  • Full carbon/innegra deck and rails+ T700 biax carbon step area layup for maximum durability  and strength, especially from landing hard jumps.
  • Full 160 S-glass bottom layup for the correct flex during hard turns and jump landings.
  • US Box/Power Box rear fin + 4 Carbon Slot side boxes .
  • Dual density footpads.
ModelLength / WidthWeight +/- 6%Fin TypeBox TypeFinsSail Range
C3 95222x60.5TBAthrusterUsBox + Slot Box-3.7/6.3
C3 104226x62.5TBAthrusterPower Box + Slot Box-4.0/6.8
C3 113229x66TBAthrusterPower Box + Slot Box-4.2/7.0