i-99 WING

The i-99 Wing is a refined designed handheld inflatable surfing wing.

It is inspired by both the windsurfing and kiteboarding world with one additional key feature: simplicity.

Setting up is a matter of seconds, you just need to pump up and you are ready to ride, no adding and adjusting any extra bars or battens.

The i-99 Wing is light and robust, built with the best materials and construction methods used on high-end kiteboarding kites technology.

Its auto stable V design allows riders from beginner to expert to use a standard SUP for low wind cruising or to fly on a hydrofoil in all flat water, swell and wave conditions.

The i-99 Wing packs up very fast and takes up a very small space, no long and rigid components and is delivered with a light bag and a wrist bungee leash.

SizeWeightRec. Wind range
3.0 m2.0 kgup to 35 kt
4.2 m2.1 Kgup to 28 kt
5.0 m2.2 Kgup to 20 kt
5.8 m2.3 Kgup to 16 kt
  • Dacron leading-edge and strut are made from the most experienced fabric supplier Teijin, the same for the ripstop canopy.


  • The Bladders are made from PU sheets, assembled with high-frequency welding, the two bladders are connected with a one-point inflation system.


  • The i-99 Wing tips and center profile are Kevlar reinforced, the center strut is equipped with very comfortable handles giving you full control over your wing.