i-99 Cesare Cantagalli Windsurf - Wave Sails Collection

I always believed in a progressive design range of sails concept.

From the smaller sail size > upward, every sail generate its own natural physical evolution which finally turns in to its individual performance expression.

The simplicity is one of my motto and I could not imagine to launch a collection made of so many sizes optioned by number of battens choice. In other words make it simple and easy for my customer to choose…Let me do the job here to make sure you are happy!

Progressive Scale Up Concept

I start from 4 batten Pure Wave sail ranging from 3.3 up to 5.3 and progressively from 5.3 up to 6.2 with 5 battens for Bump&Jump by adding additional power profile and stability for the lighter winds and bigger boards riding.

Light, stable, powerful exactly where and when needed but with full control. The four batten profile to feel power and at the same that balanced soft feel that every wave rider is looking for. Profile is steady and reacts very well in a wide range of conditions from side-off to onshore.

CHEESEROLL 43.33523401444
CHEESEROLL 43.73613401464
CHEESEROLL 44.0371340/3701494
CHEESEROLL 44.23793701534
CHEESEROLL 44.53923701584
CHEESEROLL 44.7401370/4001614
CHEESEROLL 45.04104001664
CHEESEROLL 45.34164001714

The perfect Bump&Jump sail to enjoy in any condition.

I focused to accurately reduced light-weight without comprise it’s durability and compare to the Cheeseroll-4, I lowered the power center with a progressive profile to optimize acceleration and the power-control stability.

CHEESEROLL 55.34204001735
CHEESEROLL 55.8430400/4301805
CHEESEROLL 56.34524301875