The i99 Tie-Belts Straps is a strong and durable strap with sturdy spring clamp lock.

The 27mm wide, 6.10m long polyester tape is approved for cargo securing and absolutely tear resistant. So your surfboards can be safely tied onto the cabin roof without slipping.

The flexible, easy-to-use i99 Tie-Belts Straps extends only minimally even when wet.

The High Examined Spring Clamping System of the i99 Tie-Belts Straps is easy to use and comes with a stand.

So your board will remain protected by the metal buckle from scratches and arrive on the next surf vacation!


Product features:
The For securing the load
Belt width 27 mm
Length 6.10 meters
Strong spring-clamp locking
Extra thick and stiffened polyester tape with high tensile strength. 1 lashing strap in a handy plastic bag
100% Polyester