The 2020 I-99 World Cup Slalom board range give continuity to the most innovative and appreciated range of windsurfing slalom
boards ever made.

Hi Wind

Medium Wind

Light Wind


ModelVolumeLength / WidthWeight +\-6%Box TypeFinsSail Range
WCSL 8989235x615.8 kgShort Tuttle BoxNo Fin4.7/7.0
WCSL 9999235x635.9 kgShort Tuttle BoxNo Fin5.4/7.8
WCSL 109109235x706.6 kgShort Tuttle BoxNo Fin6.3/8.6
WCSL 119119235x726.8 kgShort Tuttle BoxNo Fin7.0/9.0
WCSL 129129229x837.3 kgDeep Tuttle Box / FOIL PROOFNo Fin7.8/9.8
WCSL 139139229x857.5 kgDeep Tuttle Box / FOIL PROOFNo Fin8.4/10.5

Continuous team testing revealed that how the boards are constructed (where and how much the boards ex) had almost as much influence on the performance and ‘feel’ as the actual design itself.

So considering the understanding on the performance shapes and the proven results in slalom competition 2019 from PWA to IFCA worlds (winer board), the focus of the testing team during the past winter was to test a variety of re-designed layups in all models, resulting in a range of slalom boards that were undoubtedly the best product any of the team had ever sailed!

The 2020 World Cup Slalom boards are split into three sectors: the high wind, the medium wind and the light wind. 2 models for each category that fit all the needs of our customers.

  • Hi Wind – 89 and 99
    The 89 and 99 have their wide points slightly further forward and a straighter outline between the straps to help gybing and control when overpowered. They have an inline vee bottom shape in the tail and an increasing vee into the nose with a deep double concave for control and grip/stability in strong winds. The big improvement in the cut outs continue on 2020: they have a reduced wetted surface area next to the fin, a reduced wetted surface area in the width of the wings on the outside section of the cutouts, and the big performance jump came from what has been called the ‘V-Star Tail’. We took the V tail behind the fin at the last release point and started to play with how much we could take out toward the fin box depending on the board size. Less V-Star cut out for stronger winds and more for lighter winds. The results were fantastic; insane speeds and acceleration. The whole team was super happy with the results!


  • Medium Wind – 109 and 119
    For the 109 and 119 thanks to the work into the back foot rail we increased the comfort and also the acceleration at low and high speeds. A lot of work was also done with the entry of the rocker line, in terms of where the board is reacting in the front, to try to keep it very smooth on the releases and also on the back hand with the V-Star tail, which has an increased cut out compared to the smaller boards. The reduction of the wetted surface area next to the tuttle box and also the reduction of the size of the winglets on the side meant only one thing: excellent speed and a new level of acceleration


  • Light Wind – 129 and 139 (Foil Proof fin box)
    The World Cup Slalom 129 and 139 went through 2020. Control and stability increased on the water and this was achieved through their bottom shape. We have a V in the nose, with extremely deep and large concaves and a bigger inverted V in the tail. As with the other boards in the range, there is a reduction of the wetted surface area around the fin and particularly behind the fin with the revolutionary V-Star tail, which has the biggest cut out on these light wind boards.

Power Pads

Designed rear foot pads that raise the toe side of the foot to enable more access to the fin power in light wind and also gain control in the strong winds as the back foot remains stable even in the strongest gusts.


• ‘Model Specific Layups’ : Each model for 2020 has a customised ad-hoc lay-up according to the wind range and use of each model, which is a departure from past philosophy whereby the whole range was designed with fundamentally the same lay-ups and materials.
Additionally, control was also increased due to the new model specific lay-ups approach, particularly when the gust arrives as the nose stays down and the hyper speed feeling takes over!

• ‘V Star Tail’ fin plate release system: Behind the fin is the most critical location to gain or lose performance in modern slalom boards. With our V Star Tail a new level of  understanding has been achieved to create what the I-99 testing team believe is a game changer: in terms of the potential to reach massive top speeds and insane acceleration!

• ‘World Cup Vector Cuts’ : It is no secret that the key performance criteria for the modern slalom boards lays mostly in the relationship between the cutouts design and the scoop rockerline/bottom shape. How a designer combines these three parameters, unlocks the ultimate performance gains available at the World Cup PWA level. The cutouts design still delivers total control in the gybes.

• ‘Power pads’ : Newly design rear and front foot pads that raise the toe side of the foot to enable more access to power the fin in light wind and also gain control in the strong winds as the foot remains stable even in the strongest gusts. Also the thicknesses have
been changed to increase boards control.

• ‘Foil Proof’ fin box (129 & 139 only): Our exclusive lay-up foil box is as strong as it gets whilst still being lightweight. You can feel confident to put any foil in any wind into our 129 or 139 World Cup Slalom boards.

The World Cup Slalom boards continue to be the masterpieces of our Company, whereby continuous testing and R&D results in boards that are simply more technically advanced than our competitors.


  • High-precision 5-axis CAD/CAM CNC shape.
  • Optimised reinforcements: no short-cuts, much less cheap glass fiber than our competitors inside and outside the PVC sandwich.
    All key reinforcements throughout the board are carbon, the entire standing area underneath the deck PVC is biax carbon.
  • 80 kg/m3 PVC full deck and bottom sandwich for a lightweight yet stiff construction.
  • Unidirectional carbon stringer bottom layup for maximum stiffness and performance.