SW 86

SW 95-104-113


What is the main task that a freestyle wave board must perform? It’s very simple: allow all those who want to start to sail in the waves, with the first jumps and rides, but at the same time sail fast with control before launching into a tight and radical gybe and why not, add a spock, a grubby or a Flaka and complete the fun spectrum.

The Style Wave’s classic shape allows you to do it all easily, it’s simply the most versatile FSW shape on the market.



• The full, flat oriented rockerline in the tail section offers immediate acceleration and glide with an excellent top speed,
with control.

• A medium wide and balanced outline and a V double concave hull and an all-new rail shape have been designed for the
feeling and manoeuvrability of a wave board, whilst staying very stable under the feet.
This is achieved by shifting the maximum width forward for a better ride in the waves combined with rails that have more
volume further forward for added buoyancy in non-wave conditions.

• Construction: Wood double sandwich top and bottom, with double thickness in the most stressed areas combined
with a full Biax fiber.

• New tail design: Inspired by latest surfing designs, the brand new tail of our 2020 Style Wave guarantees the perfect
mix between carving control, release in jumps or aerial manouvers.

ModelVolumeLength / WidthWeight +/- 6%Fin TypeBox TypeFinsSail Range
SW 8686231x59TBCsinglefinUS BoxMFC Freewave 233.5/6.0
SW 9595233x617.3 kgsinglefinPower BoxMFC Freewave 253.7/6.3
SW 104104235x637.5 kgsinglefinPower BoxMFC Freewave 284.0/6.8
SW 113113236x658.0 kgsinglefinPower BoxMFC Freewave 304.2/7.0
  • High-precision CAD/CAM CNC shape
  • Full Wood/160 glass deck & bottom layup
  • Full wood/160 glass bottom layup
  • Single Usbox/Powerbox to hold MFC freewave fins
  • Dual density footpads with shock absorbers
  • MFC Freewave fin