Name and last name: Youp Schmit

Age: 23

Nationality: Dutch

Currently living in: Bonaire

Discipline: Freestyle

Sail Nr: NB-12

Home spot: Bonaire

Favourite manouvers: Shovit-Spock / Double air culo

Favorite gear: 92L Stylepro and my 4,4

Favorite spots: Bonaire! / Spots in Brazil / South Africa and etc…

Hobbies: Windsurf / Skateboard / Surf

Why  i-99: Quality

PWA Youth World Champion freestyle 2011
PWA Youth World Champion freestyle 2012
PWA Freestyle World Ranking 2012 – 9th overall
PWA Freestyle World Ranking 2013 – 9th overall
PWA World Cup Bonaire 2014 – 7th place
PWA World Cup France 2015 – 9th place