The iSUP RESCUE is designed for Lifeguards to perform a fast rescue safely whilst transporting the rescuee back to shore.

4¾ inches of thickness and our Hi-Tech drop-stitch construction allowing for inflation over 20 PSI for extreme rigidity and performance. At 30” width the hull is narrow enough for regular paddling, a key point in life saving situations.

The high volume allows our iSUP Rescue Board to carry 2 people without any problem.

The extended deck pad and the 8 side handles create a proven safety situation even under the most difficult conditions.

The iSUP RESCUE board is a ‘must have’ at life saving stations, beaches, lake fronts, surf schools and camps.

ModelVolumeLength / WidthThicknessFinsPSI
iSUP Rescue 10’8”18510’8”(325cm) x 30” ( 76,5cm )4 3/4” (12cm)US Boxmin 15 / max 22
  • Hi-Tech double layer drop-stitch construction allowing 12’6” inflation over 15 PSI (max 20 PSI) for extreme rigidity
  • High pressure spring valve for quick and easy inflation and deflation
  • Large EVA diamond grooved foot pad providing grip and comfort
  • Multiple handle system
  • Stainless steel D-rings for tying to boats, docks, etc
  • High pressure pump w/ gauge
  • Repair Kit

Hi-Tech double layer drop-stitch construction allowing inflation over 18 PSI (max 22 PSI) for extreme rigidity