The Maui Mahi models ride free and easy in the smallest surf and catch waves like bigger boards. Ideal for mushy surf and small waves, thanks to their double concave bottom, which produces maximum speed and grip.

The large volume and stubby shape will allow you to ride a smaller board compare to regular shortboards therefore you can order your Mahi-Mahi  3” to 6” shorter than your own height.

ModelVolumeLength / WidthThicknessFinsFinish
Mahi Mahi 5’8”315’8”x20,4”2,5”5 x Future FinsMat
Mahi Mahi 5’10”355’10”x20,5”2,7”5 x Future FinsMat
Mahi Mahi 6’0”406’0”x20,8”2,9”5 x Future FinsMat