The iSUP RESCUE is designed for Lifeguards to perform a fast rescue safely whilst transporting the rescuee back to shore.

4¾ inches of thickness and our Hi-Tech drop-stitch construction allowing for inflation over 20 PSI for extreme rigidity and performance. At 30” width the hull is narrow enough for regular paddling, a key point in life saving situations.

The high volume allows our iSUP Rescue Board to carry 2 people without any problem.

The extended deck pad and the 8 side handles create a proven safety situation even under the most difficult conditions.

The iSUP RESCUE board is a ‘must have’ at life saving stations, beaches, lake fronts, surf schools and camps.

  • NoveNove *EnduroTech construction (max 22 PSI) for extreme rigidity
  • High pressure spring valve for quick and easy inflation and deflation
  • Large EVA diamond grooved foot pad providing grip and comfort
  • Multiple handle system
  • Stainless steel D-rings for tying to boats, docks, etc
  • High pressure pump w/ gauge
  • Repair Kit

It’s our latest Technology developed all in one SINGLE Layer which combines the superior quality, durability and stiffness of double layer Tech to the light feel of Single layer Tech.

It’s cosmetic feeling is wrinkles free making the board look cleaner, smoother and feel best to the touch. EnduroTech produce a stiffer board at lower pressure compared to average. It is also easier to roll-up after use for storing inside the bag.