Hybrid small wave – Kite Surfboard

HY-BRO is a performance kite surfboard that will handle every type of condition.

The board design is thought out for powerful strapped or strapless riding and accentuates the best combination of speed, control and drive.

HY-BRO is designed for small waves which adds to its’ versatility as a true all-round board.

The Bamboo Tech construction provides superior feel and strength.

– Hybrid Small Wave
– Bamboo construction on the deck
– Custom EVA PAD (optional)
– Tri-fin Future fin system setup for carving and stability – fins not included

  • CNC PU Core with lightweight stringer.
  • SilmarTM polyester resin for layup and ReicholdTM resin for finishing
  • E and S X-cel® glass bottom and deck layup.
  • Full deck bamboo with bi-axial glass heel reinforcement patches.
  • Future boxes with HD PVC reinforcement blocks.