Name and last name: Deivis Paternina Teran

Age: 26

Nationality: Venezuela

Currently living in: Venezuela, Playa el Yaque

Discipline: Freestyle

Sail Nr: V-04

Home spot: El Yaque

Favourite manouvers: Shaka and Culo

Favorite gear: i-99 Style Pro 92L

Favorite spots: El Yaque, Fuerteventura and Pozo

Hobbies: Windsurf, Paddle and bicicross

Why i-99: i-99 one of the best board for double moves, realy fast and eassy to control. A great team wich work together for development and progress and really passionated in what they do. If you want to improve into the next level of windsurfing, you definitely need a  i-99.